I'm on a Podcast!

March 14, 2024

I'm on a Podcast!

Listen to my episode of Create & Thrive: How to Have A Successful Handmade Business Without Etsy - With Rebecca Haas

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I often share bits of the process of designing and creating jewelry. In this conversation with host Jess Van Den of Create & Thrive I go into how I have designed and created my business, and how it has grown and evolved since its fledgling days in Brooklyn in 2000.

Peaks Necklace

From the analog days of a single girl in her 20's using paper line sheets, wholesale showrooms, and in-person trade shows in New York, to a dynamic and largely internet driven business of a mother of two in the Vermont woods, and everything in between.

Much has changed, many evolutions have been required, and many problems had to be solved.

Say what you want about being a solopreneur, but it certainly keeps you on your toes.

Give a listen, or watch it on YouTube, if you are up for a deep dive into all things Rebecca Haas Jewelry.

And if you know any young artists or makers trying to make a living with their handmade work, pass this along. I know there are things in this in-depth conversation that will help them.

Dolmen set

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