Jeweler's Jewelry

October 10, 2022

Jeweler's Jewelry

I don't know about you, but I am always curious about what artists hang on their walls, or what chefs make for their families for dinner on their days off.

So I thought you guys might be curious about what jewelry I wear every day. And I mean every day.

Seer Earring in 14k yellow gold

Rebecca Haas Jewelry - Seer Earring

This is the current group of pieces I sleep in, shower in, and also wear all day long, no matter where my day takes me.

I'm a pretty lazy jewelry wearer and busy parent of young kids, so everything I wear every day needs to be fine with going along for the ride.

Rebecca Haas Jewelry - Current Ring Stack

Clockwise from top right: Simple Twist Band in 14k yellow gold, Orbit Band in 14k yellow gold, Orbit Band in sterling silver, Stardust Stacking Ring in gold fill, Demi Orbit Band in sterling silver band with 14k yellow gold dots, Dharma Ring in sterling silver and gold fill mix

But lazy or not I’m a big advocate of wearing jewelry. No surprise there, right? I would feel naked and very boring without it. So that’s why I make many easy to wear designs that can fit with your life, no matter how you fill your days.

The exception is when I’m traveling, or at a show or other jewelry event, and in that case I just layer on more pieces. Maybe switch out the earrings for something a little more "statement-y." Many of you have probably seen me at shows, where I’m a little more decked out.

My current go-to for an additional layer is the new Orion Necklace. I don’t know what it is about it, but I just love wearing it.

The current collection of pieces I am wearing are a mix of sterling silver, 14k gold fill, and 14k yellow gold. And while I love solid yellow gold, one of the things I love about gold fill is that it mixes in so easily. Even sitting right next to a solid 14k piece, you are hard pressed to tell the difference.

Pro-tip: when to pop for solid 14k, and when to take the less expensive route with 14k gold fill:

When to go with 14k.

This is the right choice if it is a "forever piece." Something that you are in love with for the long haul, and want to wear for more than 10-15 years, or might pick up again in 15 years and want to wear again. Or something you could pass down to a daughter or granddaughter.

When to go with 14k gold fill.

If it is your "favorite right now piece." Something you want to wear every day for a year or two, or even ten, or until you fall in love with another "favorite right now piece." In this case, go with gold fill.
Still not sure what gold fill is exactly? Check out this previous post.

So there you have it: my current collection of pieces in regular use.

All told it adds up to 11 pieces, 12 when I add the Orion Necklace.

Which sounds like a lot, but really as you can see the pieces individually are so understated, that it doesn’t feel like a lot when I’m wearing it, or look like a lot, I don’t think.

And if you want more details about each piece I’ve put the name, metal, and size, and a link for each piece in the caption for each photo.

Thanks all! Happy jewelry-wearing!



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