Graduation Gift Guide - Timeless Pieces For A New Chapter

April 16, 2024

Graduation Gift Guide - Timeless Pieces For A New Chapter

Lulu and Infinity Landscape Necklaces

Graduation Gifts

She'll still be wearing when she makes CEO

Rebecca Haas Jewelry - Collette Necklace

Rebecca Haas Jewelry - BISU HOOPS
Rebecca Haas Jewelry - Orbit Drop Earrings

Rebecca Haas Jewelry - Echo Necklace

It is an exciting yet terrifying time, stepping away from the stability of student life to take your first uncertain steps on a career path.

Feeling empowered yet unsure, with big dreams, and desperately hoping the world will take you seriously.

And usually a healthy dose of fake-it-till-you-make-it is required.

Honor this important transition and help her show up feeling confident and put-together with these sophisticated, understated pieces.
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Substantial designs.

Perfect for a confidence boost on her first day on the job, and that will keep pace with her as she steadily rises through the ranks.
Rebecca Haas Jewelry - Capture NecklaceRebecca Haas Jewelry - Lulu Necklace
Rebecca Haas Jewelry - Infinity Chain Necklace Rebecca Haas Jewelry - Orion Necklace

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You can't go wrong with pearls.

Rebecca Haas Jewelry - Clara Pearl Necklace

Rebecca Haas Jewelry - Sera Necklace
Rebecca Haas Jewelry - Hera Pearl Drop Earrings
Rebecca Haas Jewelry - Talisman Necklace

Long considered a symbol of wisdom and integrity, these pearl designs make the perfect gift for a young person starting a new chapter.

And these future heirloom pieces are a wonderful foundation for a grown up jewelry collection.

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