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  • I’ve basically worn my rings from you every day-through gardening, raking, snowboarding, swimming, hiking, working out, the full 9-they’re awesome and a part of every day life! 


  • My sister hipped me to your jewelry and I love it AND love to give it as gifts to my friends!


  • I love gifting your jewelry. Wanderlust Stack was very happily received!


  • By the way, your stuff is gorgeous. Historically I don't wear any jewelry, but when I saw that shot of your rings you posted it just resonated in a way no jewelry ever has for me before.


  • I wanted to share with you how special your work continues to be to me. This year, for our wedding anniversary, my husband suggested we pull up your website and pick out a few items together for this year's gift from him. So, you see, in addition to just loving your stuff, I am collecting lovely memories from HOW the items end up in my collection.


  • I absolutely love every piece I've ever ordered from you. And I'll order more in the future! You make beautiful things, and I always get compliments on the pieces when I wear them.


  • Hi! I just bought your lovely Mima Earrings. Your aesthetic, with clean geometric shapes, and refined gold & silver, is so appealing and exactly what I'm looking for! Thank you!


  • This weekend I came home (from the coldest most miserable mother's day marathon in Maine ever) to the most beautiful bracelet and hair fork ordered from your studio. I am gushing over the bracelet (two intertwined cuffs one gold one silver) and a hair fork that so beautifully replaces my usual pencil.  Thank you for sharing your artistry!  I am sure to put your jewelry on my wish list from now on!


  • For many years now I have been receiving gifts of your jewelry.  I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy wearing the earrings and bracelets I have received. It is with great delight that after putting on your gold teardrop earrings or my recent pair of gold/silver circles that I feel more attractive and ready to present myself.  For me your art creates beauty in many ways and for that I thank you much.