Private Shopping Event: Sunapee At Home + The Virtual Craftsmen's Fair

July 13, 2020

Private Shopping Event: Sunapee At Home + The Virtual Craftsmen's Fair

Please join me for a special open air private shopping event here on our property, with a focus on personal attention, natural beauty, safety and of course, unique and beautiful jewelry!

I'm calling it Sunapee at Home.

Rebecca Haas Jewelry - Private Shopping Event Earrings

One thing the pandemic has offered us all is lots of opportunities to adapt and do things in new ways. And since large gatherings and crowds are out. . .Let's make this as a chance to turn lemons into lemonade, and do something a little more custom, a little more intimate, and tailored to the needs of today.

After seeing many of you at shows for the past decade, I feel many of you are already like family. I would love to have the chance to welcome you to this beautiful and idyllic place where I live and work, and where social distancing is sort of a way of life. I really hope one of the following options will work for you!

If you have any questions about how to make this work for you, or have any safety concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. The great thing about this being so personal, is that I'll be able to work with each of you to create an atmosphere that feels safe and comfortable.

Rebecca Haas Jewelry - Sunapee Booth

Here's how it will work:

Rebecca Haas Jewelry - Bracelet and necklace
Option 1: Open Air, In Person, Private Shopping:

Reserve a time to shop in person. I will have my Sunapee booth set up under a canopy in our field in Chester, VT, filled with one of a kind designs as well as classic favorites. Grab your favorite shopping partner(s) and have the whole booth to yourselves while you enjoy mountain views and complimentary refreshment.

Try on jewelry, take a sip of fresh lemonade, enjoy the view, repeat.

If you are like me, a change of scene is very welcome these days! I would love to show you around our beautiful spot on our hilltop. We have ample walking trails and fields to ramble, so I encourage you to leave a little extra time before or after your appointment to take a short hike, or just lay out a blanket in the shade and have a picnic or read a book.

Rebecca Haas Jewelry - Rebecca in the studio
Option 2: By Appointment, Face to Face , Virtual Shopping:

A trip to Southern Vermont not in the cards for you? Not to worry!

In conjunction with the Virtual Craftsmen's Fair, you can make an appointment for virtual personal shopping. Have the booth to yourself, and my undivided attention while you shop via FaceTime!

If you've never tried it, it's actually pretty fun!

I can carry you (on a screen) around the booth to see everything that's available, hold things up or text you pics for a closer look, and even try things on so you can see how they look on.

Rebecca Haas Jewelry - Necklace
Option 3: At Your Leisure, Online Shopping

And then of course you can visit my website anytime, day or night, and shop the old fashioned way. (in your pj's with a bowl of ice cream, obviously!)

A quick note about how to make an appointment

I'm figuring appointments will be 30 minutes, but I don't want you to feel rushed, so feel free to ask for additional time if you think you need it. And you are welcome to stay and take a walk or short hike around the property before or after your appointment.

Since spaces and times are limited, I am asking for a $35 deposit to reserve your spot. That $35 will act as a credit towards your purchase on the day of the event. Thanks so much in advance for your understanding.

View available times
Walk with me! A quick walking tour of the future site of Sunapee at Home, in just a few short weeks!

Want to Make a Weekend of It? Stay at Main + Mountain

Main + Mountain

This boutique reinvention of a classic motel couldn't be cuter. There is a lovely bar downstairs with outdoor seating and delicious handcrafted cocktails and mocktails of all stripes. Their sister restaurant, Homestyle, is right across the street, and serves upscale family style meals made from local meats and produce. It's my fave, I think you'll love it. And they can point you in the direction of nearby swimming holes, breweries, and other local attractions.

Just show them your receipt from Rebecca Haas Jewelry, and they will put a round of drinks for your party on my tab! *limit 4 per group

More about Main + Mountain:

"A bar wrapped in a 13-room motel. Super cool and comfortable rooms. Drinks to shout about. Located at the epicenter of Vermont activities, culture, arts and recreation.

Impeccably decorated bright, airy rooms bring the essence of Vermont living to life. Designed with a sense of authenticity that reflects the spirit of the area; a modern mix of natural woods and gorgeous color palettes combine across all 13 warm and inviting accommodations. And of course with form comes function: High-end memory foam beds, flatscreen televisions with DirecTV, ensuite bathrooms and in-room gear closets are just a few of our amenities that will make your stay comfortable. Plus, our innovative Invisible Service allows you to customize your M+M experience, because the more you control your stay, the more you’ll enjoy your stay."

Learn More + Book

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