Puzzle Bracelet

$163.00 USD

I love the design of this bracelet. I first designed it in a drawing, and I actually had to make the pieces in hammered wire before I was sure that it was actually going to be two fully separate pieces that fit together like a puzzle. But I love the fact that it is visually simple yet somewhat intricate and complex in its design and function. You can see in the photos how the two pieces come a apart. But when it is on your wrist the two pieces are kept interlocking by the fact that it is on your wrist. The two pieces do have a little movement against each other, which actually helps to keep this a very comfortable and supple bangle. It also makes it somewhat adjustable and can compress to fit different wrist sizes after expanding to fit over your hand.

Available in sterling silver, sterling silver & 14k gold fill mixed metals, and 14k gold fill.

All Rebecca Haas Jewelry is handcrafted by me in my Southern Vermont Studio from recycled and ethically sourced materials.