Minimalist Style

Menhir Posts - Two Sizes

$86.00 USD

Simple and sophisticated post earrings with a soft, organic feel. These easy to wear posts go nicely with many necklaces, and will add a quiet elegance to any outfit.

A menhir is a kind of ancient standing stone, usually from the bronze age, that you can find in a large span of the world. They vary in size, and usually taper towards the top. It is a mystery why they were erected, as well as why there are similar things from ancient Scotland to as far as ancient Korea, with no explanation why such similar stones were created by civilizations who surely never met.

Available in 2 sizes: small is about 1" long and large is about 1.5" long. Metal options are sterling silver or 14k gold fill. The sterling silver option can be oxidized (blackened) by request.

Handmade to order in Vermont from ethically sourced materials.