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Wave Band

$25.00 USD

This ring is the ocean paired down to its essence, it's simplest form. It boasts clean lines, and its simplicity evokes the quiet rocking of a boat on gentle waves. It is light as a feather and so comfortable you'll forget it's there. However the process of hammering the metal makes it stronger and sturdier than its delicacy would make you think. It is a lovely minimalist ring to wear on it's own, and trim enough to be a cozy and comfortable part of a stack. I love it paired with the Sunrise Ring to mimic the sun rising over the ocean. There is something special about a handmade piece. Even something as simple as this piece has individual characteristics that will be unlike any other ring. Even another Wave Ring. The unique patterns and texture made by the hammer, the particular depth and arc of each wave, and the contrast between the up and down of the pattern. 

Available in sterling silver, 14k gold fill, and 14k yellow gold.

All Rebecca Haas Jewelry is handcrafted by me in my Southern Vermont Studio from recycled and ethically sourced materials.