Alternative Bridal Rings

Golden Rope Rings

$64.00 USD

I’m officially dipping my toe into the world of wedding jewelry. ✨ I am in love with the idea of a set of two mostly matching wedding rings with the one pattern on the inside and one on the outside, a little secret between two people, just for them, as they make that leap. 

For this design, I use a 14k gold patterned band that can flip either way. The smooth side is flat, and the patterned side has a gentle bevel, making it equally comfortable whichever way you choose. The band is a a medium weight, and with a pretty unisex, geometric pattern, so it's great for couples of all stripes. I’m calling them Golden Rope Bands. And of course you can order just one, or with the pattern on whichever side you want. 

Band is 3mm wide and 1.5 mm thick. Available in sterling silver or solid 14k gold. 14k gold pricing varies a little bit by size, so check your prices before you add to cart.

All Rebecca Haas Jewelry is made by hand to order by the artist in her Southern Vermont studio. Please allow 3-5 business days for careful production time before your order ships.