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Satellite Stacking Rings - Sets of 2 or 4

$50.00 USD

These striking sets of stacking rings are a perfect balance of geometric shapes and asymmetrical organics. It is made from simple sterling silver bands combined with fused dots of either sterling silver or solid 14k gold. The dots are fused into the bands and then hammered and sanded so that they lay flush.

This listing is either for a stack of two rings (one North Star Ring, and One Beta Lyrae Ring) or a set of four rings (two North Star Rings, and two Beta Lyrae Rings). It is available in either all silver or mixed sterling silver and 14k yellow gold. The 14k gold has a beautiful warm tone, and creates a great contrast with the silver. And since the design makes the most of small amounts of gold the rings are still a great price for something with solid 14k elements!

These rings are also all available for purchase singly, but buying the stack listing gives you about a 10% discount over buying them individually.