Forme Earrings

These arresting and feminine earrings are a foolproof way to add modern sculptural chic to any outfit. They can just as happily dress up a t-shirt or keep up with an evening gown. And since they are light as a feather, you will never feel the need to take them off and put them in your purse half way through the day! Available in two sizes, so you can pick the length that works best for you. 

Skillfully handcrafted from the finest ethically sourced metals, the Forme Earrings are soldered, shaped, and then hammered to create this gracefully liquid like form. The final hammering step strengthens and stiffens the metal, as well as adding shimmering facets to the surface of the metal. This makes them to catch and reflect even the gentlest candlelight as they swing.

All Rebecca Haas Jewelry is handmade to order for you by the artist in her Southern Vermont studio. 

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